DiscoLucy Mannequins offer glamorous life-size ‘disco-dolls’ for hire.  These unique mirrored figurines will create a breathtaking visual backdrop for ANY social gathering, from music festivals, to weddings and parties.


Please see my gallery images and the videos.



The inspiration for DiscoLucy came to me one night as I got down and dirty with my posse of pure-party-people, those disco divas, dancing queens and groovy guardians of da FUNK. I knew that this laser beam of self DISCOvery would mean that my life (and hopefully yours!) would never be the same again,


My disco ‘mannequeens’, lovingly created ladies of the light, are the beautiful offspring of the iconic disco ball. Their mirrored bodies weave silver shards of fractured light, helping enhance the enjoyment of any assembled mass; the old, the young, the rich, the poor, even the dead… who knows! The Glitterati Army are at your service.



Each disco mannequeen is unique. They have been lovingly re-engineered and painstakingly adorned with up to 60,000 micro-mirror tiles. They take forever to create (trust me!) and each a labour of undying lurve and affection.